SIA „Grats Food” offers products from two trademarks:


albertsons medījuma desas


Trademark „Albertsons”

A delicate taste expert!


Albertson offers a wide sort of products and continuously works to expand it even more and improvement so the most delicate gourmets would be satisfied with the wide range of delicate tastes. To the question, so then why these products are so tasty, the response of Albertson is quite simple: "I only choose the best tasting and freshest products so that they could meet the high quality standards! That is all regarding to my secret for the delicate taste!" The delicate taste products of Albertson are: Meat products of hunt, cold smoked and dried meat products, boiled, smoked and smoked meat products by using wood.


albertsons medijuma desas




Trademark „Rīgas Specpasūtījums” (The special request of Riga)

... Specially for you!


Own handicraft master products, carefully selected, chosen, the tastiest, specially shipped... specially for you! The vision of „Rīgas Specpasūtījums” is to be the number one product in every fridge in every household... specially in your's! The products offered by the trademark „Rīgas Specpasūtījums” are described as:

1. High quality.

2 With a good price.

3. Handy packaged.

4. ... reliable, friendly, special, like you!





Trademark „Letia”

Classic for everyday!


Products for an everyday consumption, which are fast and easy to use. Recognizable brand names, classical tastes, good prices. A safe purchase without spending your time by choosing, which product would meet your taste requirements. Choose, buy, make your everyday easier.